6 Tips For the Fresh Graduate Who Just Applied on Our Job Opening

Dear fresh college graduate. Congratulations! You’ve finished college! Time to face the real (working) world. Or you can get married. 🙂 Oh, you prefer applying for work. That’s great! Getting ahead of the game while your batchmates are still getting their summer vacation fix.

Cool. Here are some tips for you to browse through while I file your resume.

First and foremost , please update your LinkedIn.

After celebrating, of course. Employers like me will definitely stalk your profiles to see not just your skills but also if you might be a fit for our working culture. So yeah, not just LinkedIn. Maybe update your other social media profiles, too.

Customize your application

When sending your resume, please add a subject line. Please rename your files (not resume.docx please) and add an appropriate cover letter. If you find these cumbersome, maybe try applying via Kalibrr? Plugging our company page at https://www.kalibrr.com/c/third-team-media/jobs/

Since it’s summer, get immersed with companies.

Even if you work as an OJT. There are nonprofits and startups who are open for internship or work over the summer. Call it an extended OJT but this is a perfect time to see which industry and which company culture you might fit it. Why wait until June.

When pegging for rates, work your way up.

I’ve seen a lot of applications demanding for a skyrocketing starting salary when they have not had a pinch of working experience. There’s nothing wrong with demanding rates but it would be hard to convince them unless it’s an industry rate or if you already have a portfolio.

Use online portfolios.

Seriously, there are lots of those already. Behance perhaps? Best if you have your own wesbite. And yet I have received applications that include portfolios on powerpoint that says – Click Me on a very cute sun graphics. It’s cringe-worthy.

Consider working for startups.

The opportunities and things you can learn from startups is tremendous compared to what you can learn from other industries. A startup mentality will teach you how to work lean without the fluff of a big corporation setup.

So my attention span is only until 6 tips. I might have more so I’ll just add here later.

Good luck with your job hunting! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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