[PHOTOS] A Peek Into Cebuano Entrepreneurship During Sinulog

Entrepreneurs see opportunities. Entrepreneurs see ways to increase income that no others see. Entrepreneurs know how to create instead consume.

They are the ones think ahead and see the challenge but can visualize what  success looks like. They make decisions based on the vision and then do what is needed to execute it. Sometimes with a team. Oftentimes alone.

Here in Cebu, there is no other best time to be entrepreneurial. There is also no better time to witness Cebuano entrepreneurial prowess than the city’s largest festival, the Sinulog.

As noted from Sinulog.ph:

The #Sinulog is a nine-day fiesta celebration in honor of Sto. Nino. The celebration basically entails two major activities: the religious procession on a Saturday and the grand street parade the following day.

Organized by the Augustinian order, the solemn procession in Honor of the Child Jesus is basically the same manner as of the other religious processions in the Catholic Church. It begins in the church and ends in the church.

Millions of pilgrims and devotees of Sto. Nino, flock into the streets bringing with them candles and rosaries as they respond to the holy rosary which is spoken in different languages.

As we walked the streets of Cebu City today, I witnessed the wonderful showcase of Cebuano or Filipino ingenuity in general.

On the sidewalks, you can see pop-up stalls installed by vendors all over the place. It’s a  simple setup. The stalls are either retractable garden tents or a number of tables and chairs or custom pushcarts. Their wares are then arranged on top. Aside from that, unforgotten would be the sign they put up that has the product name and prices. It’s quite nostalgic really. Their setup reminds of the time we placed tables of tambis from our backyard in Iligan for the neighbors to purchase.

Some of the business owners who have existing franchises also make sure to place up their stalls in sight of the festival goers and party revelers. You can see these more elaborate stalls lining up the streets along with the DIY stalls and pushcarts in the area.

There are other sellers who have been in peddling in pushcarts on regular days. You will also see them lined up on the streets and peddling the same wares (perhaps more expensive?) during Sinulog. I wonder if there’s an issue of price gouging during Sinulog? That’s for another feature.

To showcase how amazing entrepreneurship is during this event, I’d like to show you some photos from the streets that I’ve taken for Sinulog 2016 during the Grand Parade. Perhaps it would give you some idea about what to sell during Sinulog, too. Here are SOME of the usual businesses and stalls in the streets. I have curated 11 of them.

1. Barbecue Vendors

Or BBQ. It’s all over the place.

2. Kwek-kwek Vendors

It’s the usual streetfood that you will see in Cebu made more in demand.

3. Holi Colored Powder Vendors

Holi is a kind of festival also known as the festival of colors. This one is colored powder sold all over to make sure you have colors on you while partying in the streets. The dirtier you are at the end of the day, the better.

4. Masks, Hats, Whistles Vendors

What’s more fun that being fully dressed up for a festival! Not complete at all without masks, hats, and noisemakers.

5. Tempura Vendors

Like kwek-kwek, it’s your usual streetfood. Along with peanuts, fishball, and others, you’ll never miss this in the street corners.

6. Puso Vendors

Puso for barbque. Puso for lechon. There’s nothing more Cebuano than eating puso or hanging rice with your local streetfood. I like mine with siomai and barbecue (aside from lechon of course). Inside the carenderia, it’s around P10 per puso which is equivalent to one cup of rice.

7. Lechon Sellers

Your visit to Cebu during Sinulog will never be complete with the lechon sold by all over. We had this for lunch at a nearby carenderia for P480 per kilo.

8. Booze, booze, booze sellers

Festival goes + booze in hand is typical all over. You’ll never miss this in the streets.

9. Mango Vendors

Ripe mangoes! You’ll simply drool looking at it and can’t help but buy. P25 for the sliced unripe mango.

10. Bottled Water Sellers

Everyone will need to hydrate eventually during the festival. You will definitely find people selling bottles of water everywhere. In fact, one of the services offered was a water refill station for P5 per refill. The bottles themselves are sold at around P15 per bottle.

11. Facepainting and Tattoo Service Providers

Of course, it’s not just products. There are also service providers all over. Facepaintings and henna tattoo services are quite in demand for party goers during the Sinulog grand parade. The facepainting service run for around P50 per customer.

Edited: As per my Facebook friend, Rica Serenio she mentioned this about her Sinulog entrepreneurial experience.

” I’ll give you an overview Fleire. I sold squid balls and drinks a few years back right beside fooda. That was me being ‘entreprenurial’. Started selling by 8am and was sold out at 3pm and earned 9k pesos. Also sold sinulog shirts at 6k revenue.”

These are some entrepreneurs of the products and services sold and peddled on the streets of Cebu during Sinulog. As one of the Cebuano would say, you’ll never go hungry going to Sinulog. Except of course, if you don’t have cash on you. Make sure to carry some and give some business to the hardworking entrepreneurs of Cebu whole having fun.

Do you have other business ideas that would be good during this festival? Perhaps it would be good to start setting up your stall during this festival in Cebu.

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