A Year After – A U.S. State Department PFP Alumnus Update

It’s been a year since I was immersed in the Professional Fellowship Program of the U.S. State Department. After 2-3 years of intense application, screening, and trying to get into the program, I was finally included in the Spring 2018 Economic Empowerment Cohort.

Looking back, I realized it was a powerful experience not just for me but for the other alumni, too.

It changed my global perspective on working with different cultures, on having that global citizenship awareness, and on how it is to build a global professional network that could help your organization and your self to reach goals that benefit not just the self but the community.

Since then, I have the following updates to report:


I received the 40 Under 40 Recognition by Campaign Asia. Details here:

I also received a Bronze Stevie Award for Women in Business 2019. This is an award that I was happy to receive in New York.

Starting new ventures/businesses

Since last year, I have resolved on working on our new startup venture which is ContentDash.app. I am in collaboration with a stellar technical person and senior web developer who is also passionate about social media and business.

It is a social media content management dashboard that will help microentrepreneurs and small businesses and teams to organize their storytelling and visually manage their production.

Check it out at www.contentdash.app

ContentDash.app – a social media content management tool

Implementing volunteer or community projects

This is the progress that I am most excited to share about. I have collaborated with my host organization – Mikva Challenge – from Chicago, Illinois in order to implement the Wicked Dreams Action Civics Fair.

Although the project did not gain support and grant from ACIE, we went ahead and implemented the program because we believe in the youth.

Here’s our one-pager report below.

I am full of gratitude to the U.S. State Department, the YSEALI network, the U.S. Embassy, WorldChicago, Mikva Challenge, and the American Councils for International Education especially to Jaimie Holmes for being a guiding star in this journey and for making sure we have everything we need to make the educational and cultural immersion a successful one.

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