Broke? Laid-off? Live the Juggler’s Life!

I received this newsletter from ChangeThis. It talks about how we become a slave to WORK and in the process create a separate, distinct Work You and the Real You. And it struck me thus convincing me to the fact that this is not a disadvantage after all – being a Juggler.

You might be one of these people too. I am. At first, I realized I can do bits of lots – Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Sounds familiar?

But Juggling is not just about doing more than one thing. It’s about being multi-dimensional, in letting our passions inform and shape our work identities. When you become a Juggler, you are driven by instinct and curiosity, where your best plan is a non-plan. How can you attempt a five year personal career plan or similar business plan in this current climate? You need to stay openminded, forget a traditional career ladder, evaluate opportunities on a hunch and become an ‘accidental executive.’

Taking the Juggle route can be an exit from the boredom of your job, an escape from your corporate mediocrity. It’s not a question of quitting your job, but reframing it so that work is not a chore, but a reflection of who you are. That has an enormous benefit to your quality of life, as you feel reinvigorated and stimulated by the variety of a mixed-up portfolio. There’s no room for boredom when you mix everything up.

I was hesitant at first and was thinking I should NOT be this. I should learn and master PHP. In fact, I should be certified. I should learn all about SEO – a rockstar! I should focus on blogging and writing – this is a hobby! I love it! I should focus on… Focus! Focus! Focus!

Now I learned that Jugglers = Survivors. With the recent recession of the global economy, only the Jugglers will keep it all balanced – money in their pockets, well-fed family, clothed backs, and balanced well-being.

The Juggler’s Manifesto
  1. Forget Specialism, discover the value of being across more than one discipline. Sticking to just one thing limits your potential, Place no limits on what you do and become more fulfilled.
  2. Be passionate about all you do. Let your passions and desires inform and shape your work life.
  3. Be adept at gear-shifting, from segueing from the huge to the tiny, from work to play.
  4. Make time for play. Being a successful juggler is about working hard but also mixing up work and play, and using playtime as your inspiration and stimulation.
  5. Be a chameleon, flexible and adaptable. Re-think all you do, be happy to change the rules again and again. Don’t stay entrenched in rigid ideas of how things should be done.
  6. The best plan is a non-plan. Success in the knowledge economy is about making it up as you go along. Be The Accidental Executive or The Accidental Entrepreneur.
  7. Use your instinct (every time); in making decisions, in deciding what to do, and what not to do.
  8. Re-define personal success not by a salary package alone but by more important currency, such as: did you get to see your kid’s sports day, do you work with a decent bunch of people, did you take enough holiday this year?
  9. Go beyond a job title and carve out a unique You-role. Take control, do it your way, be authentic.
  10. Develop a personal brand to unite and communicate your strengths.
  11. Work hard, but work smart. Whilst success relies on you working hard, it’s also doing what you love; and when you do what you love, it doesn’t feel so much like work.
  12. Have lots of self-belief and self-confidence. You must have a positive outlook, be an optimist.
  13. Be a pioneer, with no fear of the unknown. Be happy to learn new stuff and embrace new ideas.
  14. Have purpose in all you do. Focus on making a difference and leaving a legacy.

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