Challenge: 24-Hour Digital Cleanse. Goodbye Everynyan!

I have hesitations in hitting publish for this post. But fudge yeah — Challenge from @plsburydoughboy now accepted.

He has mentioned that it is good to take a break from these platforms so I will TRY to do this. For 24 HOURS. I have crafted this blog post in haste because I thought of this an hour ago —

I am logging off from social media and logging in life for 24 hours
starting at 8:00 PM, February 4, 2011.

It is a challenge because it is impossible for me to do this for more than 24 hours. Remember: I am a web worker and I earn my bread and butter (plus wine and cheese) from logging in online. Therefore, whatever arises from this effort will be a note for me if I can even survive this one.

1. No logging in, reading posts or posting on Twitter.
2. No logging in, reading posts or posting on Facebook.
3. No logging in forums, discussion boards, etc.
4. No reading, posting or writing on blogs. **
5. No reading, crafting, sending emails.
6. No cheating. Smartphones and tablets covered by above rules.

**I have scheduled one blog post over this time period so it will/may seem that I have logged in. But it scheduled so it’s an exception of above.

To help me with this commitment, I will run Freedom for max 480 mins when I turn on my laptop. And if anyone needs to contact me, my cellular phone is available 09182656696.

Finally, if I have and will fail this for some reason, I will definitely let you know and will still try to do this again. That is why it’s called a challenge, right? Wish me luck!

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