Chasing it down!

As I sit here in the taxi stuck in Old Bridge Mactan traffic, my mind is still on processing mode and my nose is still, yeah,  bleeding. You see, I just finished a 90-minute coaching session with the serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker.

Chris Ducker is a business owner of three businesses here in Cebu – VirtualStaffFinder, Location63, Live2Sell Group of Companies. I have joined and helped two events already at his new co-working space. He has also sold two businesses and has incoming book launch. Super! Therefore, no one is more qualified to talk about how to improve your business than someone like Chris.

So how did I end up with 90 minutes with Chris who normally does this for the cost of $500/hr?

He has invited to host our E-Commerce Bootcamp with Ms. Janette Toral at the new co-working space, Location63, which is a great, great help. We also ended up working with him as speaker for our E-Commerce Summit the month after.


But it was our WordPress Group Meetup that had me open up to him about the challenges with have with Third Team Media. The thing is that, being a newbie entrepreneur who started out as a freelancer, it is a skill that has to be developed. And on my wishlist was to pick the brains of those who are the best of the best in 21st century businesses like Third Team Media.

When I chatted with him a bit about our challenges, one quote resonated – Numbers don’t lie. And I needed to talk with him more. He mentioned booking an hour of free meeting with him, I did not hesitate to grab the opportunity to do so. I was like – Heck why not? To learn from the best –  why let it  pass me by?

And so I found myself in his enormous corner office at the Live2Sell in Mandaue, Cebu. He dissected our crappy website at Third Team Media and gave actionable tips. He encouraged me to do more with our sales process. He told me how to close sales. He pointed out that I should “chase it down”. And that is definitely the push I need to do to make things work.

I can do more and I need to chase it down. I have  a whole to-do list from my 90 minutes investment of time and I plan to make it worth it!

Thank you Chris for the help! Hope to buy you a bottle of beer soon. 🙂

Chasing it down

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