Dear Future Team Mate

..welcome to the team!

It is my job to make sure that you are the right person, on the right seat, doing the right things right for the team. So sit back and read these lines that will prepare you (initially) on what to expect when working with me and the rest of Third Team Media.

You will be trained along the way. Since you just started, we will have to train you and make sure you are fit for the work and fit for the culture of the team. If that is achieved, you will be a happier team member. If you are happy with your work, you will in turn execute the projects well and will result to happier customers. It’s really a win-win situation.

But you will expected to be resourceful. Your team mates will be happy to assist you but it is expected that your team mates are also busy with their own projects. Find ways to solve your own tasks – resourcefully and innovatively.

You will be working with a very small team. We are a startup agency with a founder (hey, that’s me) that has no agency experience and has still learning how to do business. It means you will be dealing with a startup mentality where we work lean.

You will be a juggler. It means that you will be wearing multiple hats and will have multiple responsibilities and accountabilities. Here you hone your various skills you will be helpful for you later.

You will be working on a fast-paced, dynamic projects. There will often be changes in strategy and execution and creative direction.  This is digital marketing after all. Your flexibility and patience will be tested. Yet you will master this skill because that’s what life really is — dynamic and unpredictable.

You will working in a lax environment. We don’t really care what you wear – as long as you don’t offend anyone. We don’t really care if you come in late – as long as you put in the hours needed and take care of the deliverables. No one will micromanage you if you do your work beyond expectations, on time, and without drama.

You will be expected to communicate. The more vocal you are, the better. If there’s something wrong, say something. No team mate of yours is a mindreader. And hey, it’s not like you need to climb a flight a stairs just to talk. Your manager is just right in front of you.

You can take unlimited vacation time. Or work from home if need be. The leaves are there for the record. But take as much time as you need off if it helps you clear your mind and become more creative. Of course, it’s given that you have to make sure projects are taken cared of and tamed before you get off the grid.

You are a valued member. I believe that everyone we meet teaches us a lesson. In this case, know that what you will help the team achieve is also a personal achievement for you and for the industry in general. Your contributions, as cliche as it may sound, are highly valued.

If one day you have to leave the team, leave it better than you found it. You will know by then that you succeeded as a team mate. And it will also look really good on your resume.


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