Do you have what it takes to be rich?

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A lot of people these days wanted to be rich. Watch the television and you will see a lot of young people wanting to hit it big on TV. You will also find shows telling you that you can be an instant millionaire. Just look at the line of people buying tickets for Lotto everyday, you would wonder how hopeful a lot of Filipinos has become that luck will fall on them and make them millionaires.

During these challenging economic times, people would rather find a “shortcut” rather than undergo the usual process to becoming rich.

I don’t blame people wanting to win it over luck; the path to richness is not for everyone. It is not an easy path and it is not a calling for the faint-hearted.

One of the millionaires I admire (although he does not belong to the popular likes of Kiyosaki and Trump), Felix Dennis, a British self-made millionaire said if you want to be rich, you must grow a carapace. A mental armour. Thick enough to shrug off the inevitable sniggering and malicious mockery that will follow your inevitable failures, not to mention the poorly hidden envy that will accompany your eventual success.

He actually gave a list to consider by a person wanting to become rich and according to him, if you find yourself unable to measure up to even ONE of these initial demands (even just ONE), forget your quest to richness:

1. If you are unwilling to fail, sometimes publicly, and even catastrophically, you stand very little chance of ever getting rich.

2. If you care what the neighbors will think, you will never get rich.

3. If you cannot bear the thought of causing worry to your family, spouse or lover while you plough a lonely, dangerous road rather than taking a safe option of a regular job, you will never get rich.

4. If you have artistic inclinations and fear that the search for wealth will coarsen such talents or degrade them, you will never get rich. (Because your fear in this instance, is well justified)

5. If you are not prepared to work longer hours than almost anyone you know, despite the jibes of colleagues and friends, you are unlikely to be rich.

6. If you cannot convince yourself that you are “good enough” to be rich, you will never get rich.

7. If you cannot treat your quest to get rich as a game, you will never be rich.

8. If you cannot face up your fear of failure, you will never be rich.

Being in business for almost 10 years already, I totally agree with him. Getting rich means sacrifice. You must learn to get used to it or give up the quest. Another brutal truth, in which I believe anyone wanting to become rich must confront, is the fear of failure. I believe no amount of books will set anyone afraid to fail free. As for the words of Mr. Dennis, “be prepared to remain relatively poor if you will not confront and harness this human emotion, which is fear. In fact, in my years of experience in business, I am convinced that fear of failing in the eyes of the world is the single biggest impediment to amassing wealth.”

People who are afraid to fail never get started. People who surrender to it becomes paralyzed and defeated. Nobody becomes wealthy surrendering to fear. Trust me on this.

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