Filipino Mobile Lifestyle: Weapons of Choice

Filipino mobile lifestyle involves carries various gadgets to satisfy different mobile needs. Most carry not just one but at least 2 mobile devices to stay connected. Here’s a crowdsourced post that I asked my friends on Facebook and their replies.

I have been chatting and talking to a lot of people in meetings and events and I can’t help but notice a trend on mobile lifestyle here in the PH. There are two types of models that we bring in our purses (or man-purses if you like):

Filipino Mobile Lifestyle

1. The “old” model that serves the purpose of calls and SMS. This might be because the older models (Nokia to be exact) can be used for long periods of time without the need for charging. Reliable battery. Portable communication.

2. The “newer” model or the smartphone that serves the purpose of selfies, Instagram, Line, Viber, quick browsing. Somehow for the likes of us, it’s also an extension of work as we frequently check emails and updates on Facebook inbox for important. Tethered to the net. Plugged to the web.

Check out the replies and preferred setup from my friends in my Facebook network:

It is interesting to highlight that aside from the two basic mobile phones, Filipinos also carry the following in their gadget pack:

  • Pocket Wifi
  • Backup power bank
  • Backup power bank for laptop
  • Chargers (of course)
  • Extension wire (for some)

Do you have a similar setup? What are your weapons of choice for your mobile lifestyle?

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