Filipinos’ Appetite for Social Media

Filipinos consume the internet in a different way. We have a way different appetite when given the time to grab a hold on an “internet connection”.

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While Americans are using the internet for marketing, SEO, and other money making purposes, the population of Filipinos using the internet solely for entertainment purposes.

Filipinos’ appetite for Social Media is not the same with the Americans. So, what do Filipinos do when they get that sweet time in front of a computer with an internet connection?

Trends for 2008 shows these as the top searched items in the Philippines:

  • lyrics
  • friendster
  • games
  • youtube
  • mp3
Is it safe to conclude that Filipinos do not know how to use the internet for money making purposes? Using the same timeframe, you can see almost the same trend for Americans. So this is not something to be alarmed of. This is in fact a good sign that the Filipinos are at par with how they use social media for entertainment.

Filipinos are very hardcore users of social media. That is, when you say social media is Friendster, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo messenger. They spend hours and pesos using the internet either on their own laptops or PCs or using a rented PC at a shop. And usually it stops there.

I must say that I am disappointed at the fact that not much Filipino internet users are consuming the internet to make money. I still have to see a Filipino in Technorati’s Top 100.

But wait, I do know a Filipino making it to the top! Familiar with Busby SEO Test that will end soon? I do know Ms. Janette Toral is making it to the top ten with her

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