Founding the Google Business Group in Cebu

Connect. Inform. Inspire. That is the goal of GBG Global. That is the goal of theĀ Google Business Group in Cebu.

It is uncommon for business owners and professionals to actually gather in a group and connect with others. Do you agree with that? I mean, comparing it to user or programmer groups of Drupal, PHP, Microfosoft, Google and the likes, business owners prefer just chambers of commerce or joining local events where they can network with other relevant entities for their own business.

But hanging out – virtually and offline – with fellow business owners in a local community might be something that is brand new for them. I guess this very much applicable for solo entrepreneurs who want to be recognized as thought leaders in their niche. I imagine design shops, restaurants, professional services, etc. Even students who want to network with local businesses here in Cebu will find the group very helpful.

My challenge now as a founder is finding the core group members who have the same vision for the community and who are willing to help the group grow. Just like with startups, the seed is just planted and we’ll be learning along the way. Personally, this is now a challenge for me to face on top of the work and nonprofit advocacies that I am involved in.

Looking forward to meeting the core members soon! For now, do check out our site at

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