Glad to be of service, GBG Cebu!

A few minutes after we wrapped up a customer meeting, I received an email from Aileen, our GBG / Google contact, saying that I need to inform my co-manager about the transition.

I sent a Facebook message but it rarely went through. I tried to call but the phone was busy. I was raring to go.

“Johnn? Can we have a meeting NOW?”

“Now? Like asap? Can we resched? What’s the agenda?”

“I need to transition GBG Cebu to you. I am resigning.”

Such was my communication with Johnn as I relayed to him the reason for our impromptu meetup.

Within 20 minutes, we were already in a round table at the tea shop. I was explaining to him that I needed to focus on Third Team Media for now and have to give up the position. After that, all necessary logins, documents, emails, and announcements were made:

This was a hard decision on my part but I had a rude awakening (due to the mix of red wine and Facebook chat) of what I should be focusing on and putting my efforts into. It kind of looks something like this.

To entrepreneurs, what do you have to give up to focus on your business?

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