Haunted by the Creativity Genie

I have just viewed this really inspiring video from TED by Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity. I have said to myself that I had heard it all before. It was almost like Seth Godin telling me to quiet down the Lizard Brain.

But still, I was able to pick gems from the talk. This was one – Genius will come but do your job anyway.

Why do you think this is relevant to small and medium business owners? Why do they need to hush down or to listen to this creativity genie?

Your genius begs to be expressed.

It will haunt you in anyway it can. It pops up when you are about to sleep or when you wake up. It’s that small voice in your head ushering you downstairs to turn on your laptop in the middle of the night and type up a blog post. Or that freakish little tune in your head that wanted you to record this guitar riff while you were on a date (yes, business owners do have love lives!).

But your product is your genius embodied in a candle or an iPhone app or a digital product.

And yet, your genius was not the one that made your product successful.

It was:

  • the hours that you put in it
  • the days a week that you walked into your office
  • the emails you sent to reach out potential customers
  • the Twitter updates you made to help your customers about a product information
  • the Facebook posts you had to let your friends know of the promos you have for the month

These were the acts that your creativity genie regret to inform you. That you need to get your product out there for the world to see.

Start now by hiring a social media assistant.

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