I Conquered One Thing I Fear the Most

Do you have a thing that you fear most? When you see the word “fear”, what scary images do you visualize?

I understand if you could count a couple of those right now.

  • As a web worker, you might have a fear of taking an opportunity that could change your freelancing career.
  • As an employee, you fear suggesting social media for marketing because you don’t know if your boss would understand it,, ( and hey, you don’t want him stalking your Facebook, right?)
  • As a business owner, you might have a fear of hiring that virtual assistant because you don’t know if she could perform to your will. Or launch that blog that you know you need but couldn’t due to not knowing what the heck to write about.

I could go on with my list including fear for snake-y competitors or spider-like projects that haunt you in your dreams. And me? Well, I have one. That is public speaking.

Crawling spiders > Slithering snakes?!

Last December 13, 2010, I held my very first seminar about blogging — Bloggable Seminar at Don Merto’s / Casa Escano in Cebu City. It was part of the requirement for the short course I took which is the Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program from Ateneo – DigitalFilipino Digital Entrepreneurship Program. This is something that I have been working on for the past three months through purely online sessions.

It was an experience to remember and learn from. Organizing the event was an awesome experience but coupling it with being one of the speakers and you got one moment to remember. Much like being the wedding planner and the bride at the same time!

Yes, I gave a talk . I gave a talk in front of people. In front of business owners. And horror of horrors! It is something that is novel for me. The last time I did something like that was in school either through a report for a subject or through a defense for a software engineering project. But for work? Challenge accepted.

Thirteen days. That’s the amount of time I had to get EVERYTHING ready — the event and my topic. Woah! Talk about agile! I’ll save you from the details of setting it up but when the day of the seminar began, it conjured up a scene of plants vs zombies in my imagination. What if they will eat me alive? What if I can’t say a word? Those are some of the things running through my head at that moment.

With the help of Sherrygil from Third Team Media (thanks!) for being an event facilitator, for Ms. Janette Toral from DigitalFilipino.com who flew all the way to Cebu from her Davao-GenSan trip to sponsor and be one of the speakers for this seminar, for the bloggers and the SME attendees, everything went better than expected. Fear conquered! No bloody images of the fear I  to show you right now.

I know I still need to practice this but as they say practice makes perfect. It is quite the same as blogging as detailed by Seth Godin. If you fear no one’s going to read what you write, go ahead and write anyway. It does not matter if it’s just your cat or your grandmother who reads every post you write or likes every Facebook status you put up, or RTs every tweet you spew out. What matters is you are being consistent. Be consistently remarkable.

What fear have you conquered recently?

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