I Did Nothing Today and Still Got Paid

Does it sound familiar? Is it you?

Extended lunches and breaks. Gawking at NSFW sites. *Scroll* *Scroll*. Getting paid to digest lunch food and poop. — you know stuff like that. Like this someone who said he got hammered and drunk and no one even noticed that he was absent. The citizens of cubicle nation can attest to that statement at some point in their working days, ne?

Being underutilized, unappreciated, unchallenged at work can take its toll on you. For example, as one post on Carlo Ople’s New Media site mentioned, some office employees would opt to do daylighting on their downtime.

“Daylighting“. Instead of working during the night some opt to work secondary jobs while they are still on the clock for their primary job.

..on the clock for their primary job… Wait, what? Isn’t that a bit unethical and unfair? But hey, did I mention these people just might be underutilized?

The cutesy Dilbert image with that quote may have sounded funny for me three years ago but right now? NO. And to quote Larionov from Reddit: “I am a freelancer so BURN IN HELL”. Or something milder than hell.

Being a freelancer who works with a monitoring software by oDesk for *all* my projects, it was more like this:

If I do nothing, I won’t get paid. If  there is no task given to me in any of my work, I won’t get paid.  If my boss goes on a vacation and doesn’t leave me with tasks, I won’t get paid. If I get sick and decide to snooze in my bed, I won’t get paid.

That is for me though since I work on remote jobs and tasks. As I mentioned in Blessie Adlaon’s The Nanay Notebook when she interviewed me about my work, this is my second year of freelancing and I admit it takes more than two hands to stay sane in this industry. Thus, my utmost respect to home-based professionals like me.

I understand that the only way to earn passive is to start a project. Some “personal project” suggestions included:

  • Site themes / templates
  • Ebooks
  • Personal blogs
  • Informational Sites
  • Photography Projects

If you are a freelancer or a home-based worker and reading this post, what other projects do you have to get paid while on the clock for other jobs? Care to share?

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