When you know that there are things for your startup worth doing, all the advices just rush in like an avalanche. It’s up to you to filter the information and pick out which things you need the most and can actually do.

Last night, I posted at Startup PH my needs for Third Team Media. Basically, I am looking for a mentor or advisor who can help us with a number of things for our boutique agency. I do not have agency experience but really want to grow Third Team Media and see it offering more than just the solutions that we have now for businesses. I feel inadequate in handling a service business based on the ever-changing space of digital marketing and therefore need all the help I can get.

Within just a few minutes, I received personal messages from a total of 4 people who pitched in their thoughts about it. The fact that they reached out already told me that the community in the startup space here in the PH is very  important in pushing through younglings like ours. But the still, the final decision still rests on the one asking for guidance.

I am really appreciative of all the advices given and offered to me. They are all for free and I know I can’t demand more if they are not willing to extend more than what is given. One message on Facebook should not be enough to influence decisions but they can be starting points as to possible paths. What I do know that instead of waiting out for a mentor to help me figure things out, I need to grow this little team first and show excellence. In that way, it would attract the right people who would actually stick a little longer to see us succeed.

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