Is this Legit? A Disclaimer to the Lijit article.

I have just received a comment from Tara of Lijit and yes, I already changed the CEO’s name from Tony Vernon to Todd Vernon. I was very sleepy when I wrote that one so.. Excuses.

Thank you so much Tara for catching a glimpse of my post on this side of the world (wide web). I am very much pleased and excited and overwhelmed by the “wonderousity” of Lijit that I posted the article I wrote here. So is it legit? I guess it’s a no.

I am blabbing about my last post, an article about Lijit that can be found here. I am writing this to disown, disclaim, deny my ownership of that article. So here goes..

I do not own that article. The article is from CrowdsourcingLinks and although I wrote it, the rights belong to my boss Goran van Hese. He is such a wonderful person and he deserves all the credit he can get. 🙂

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