Janou M: How’s Life Treating You?

Sir Janou immediately became my “go to” person whenever I have career or life questions and his advices have been much precious. He is one person that I consider my mentor. And although he gives very good advices, oftentimes, I do not follow them for reasons good for another blog post.

He has recently greeted me over YM and asked me how life was treating me so far. I could tell it again and again: Life has never been better. 🙂 Surely, I have jumpstarted the year and looking forward to making this a good one.

Image from: Eulinx

I have previously ranted on “Is oDesk a part of your New Year resolution?” and mentioned oDesk to be a a huge part of my life. This is one reason that I am looking forward to a good year.

First of all, 2009 started with me offered a rather high hourly-rate job, twice as much as what I could earn in my previous company. This is an interesting opportunity for me and I am looking forward to working long term for them.

I am currently working for a rather great team from the US and with boss Goran. They are super and I am hoping this will be a longterm business relationship with them. But I also have several offers for maintaning Social Niche sites and another one for SEO-written articles. These are rather great opportunities and will try to see if I can squeeze one in on my daily tasks.

This is rather a fun experience and I truly am happy I am able to work at home at the same time monitor my kid’s progress as he is already two years old and growing up so fast. Good times!

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