Map of The Marketing Agency Ecosystem

Reading the Marketing Agency Blueprint gave me the valuable insight on my role in the marketing agency ecosystem. Growing Third Team Media as a social media specialist agency has been one of my challenges ever since it was born back in 2010. Two years since its inception, we have grown the team to over 5 remote digital providers who are working part-time for the agency.

Every event, I would get a common question from the friends in the community  – How’s business?

The usual answer would be – It’s all good!

And it is. We’ve been constantly getting referrals and inquiries but at this point of building our capacity, it has been a  a challenging journey of looking for the talent that is a great fit to what we are trying to build.

So the real answer is this —

We are still growing and thriving in this fast-paced industry and the only way for us to move forward is to keep learning albiet the very challenge of growing the agency from being a soloist. Any help or advise from hereon is very much appreciated. 🙂 We’re still learning.

I have added the marketing agency mindmap below for those who are interested in reading the book. It has certainly been helpful as the fact that creating a digital agency has never been a breeze. Especially looking for advisors and mentors who can guide you in this journey.

To the marketing people out there, where do you work and where do you stand in the ecosystem?

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