On Choosing To Be Platform Agnostic

I recently got into a short conversation with this blog’s webmaster, Fleire Castro, about different Twitter clients in between sharing information on how to help Sendong victims in Iligan and Cagayan De Oro. With the more recent changes occurring between the most popular 3rd party clients, user experiences have been changing and we can’t rely on them like we used to.

Seesmic relaunched themselves as a CRM tool, Hootsuite has gone the freemium route, and Tweetdeck was recently bought by Twitter. The knee jerk reaction from long time users is, of course, to gripe online, commonly using the same tools they are complaining about, but all this frustration would be unnecessary if one took the attitude of being platform agnostic.

The choice to be platform agnostic doesn’t mean spreading yourself out too thin to use every single platform available. Not everyone can invest their money or time into experimenting with all Android phones, or each open source operating system.

Choice is yours. Fanboyism? Or be platform agnostic?

Of course, you’re going to find a smartphone brand, operating system, web browser and Twitter client that will work for you. And you’re likely to enjoy your experience enough to suggest it to others, and maybe even declare yourself a fan of a certain product.

In practical terms, being platform agnostic means staying informed of all the available choices out there. It means not to let your fandom affect the way you see these choices, and to be ready to make the switch when necessary. In some cases, it may even be prudent to change platforms when unnecessary when you anticipate future benefits or you can find ways of compensating for the switch. It takes a lot of self control for anyone to be this open minded.

To summarize the psychology of fanboyism, your brain will go out of its way to justify the choices you made after the fact, even if it later comes to light that your choice may not have been the best one. This is true whether you bough the product or not, because the brain will treat it as an emotional investment. If the drawbacks outweigh the benefits of using that smartphone for business, don’t be in denial about it and look for alternate processes or devices to use. The same should apply with any other platform you use.

If you would like to read about this in more detail, you can do so here.

Educator Ira David Socol puts it best when he says:

I’m not “Platform Agnostic” because I’m a crazed techie, I’m “Platform Agnostic” because I work in education, and education is about helping students prepare for any possible future, not my particular vision of a future. ┬ásource

Don’t close your mind to new platforms or ways of doing things. You can be a fanboy for a company’s success and admire the products that you use from them, but don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you owe them some kind of loyalty or gratitude. That’s the effect of successful marketing and just a little bit of you fooling yourself.

Be practical, and look out for what best suits your needs.

Image Credits to unleashedlive

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