Passing the GCP for Google Adwords Individual Certification

In the quest for being a well-rounded digital marketer, I thought about offering Adwords services to my clients. Now, I am a Google Adwords Certified Individual after battling out two exams.

It started when my boss at Safe Rides Unlimited had me handle his Adwords campaign for the organization. Later  after that, I handled the campaign for United Limos.

I thought about the campaigns and appreciated the beauty of advertising in bringing in value to businesses who are trying to gain awareness or sales for their business and made sure that I get certified.

So I studied since January for the Fundamentals exam and from February to March for the Search Advanced exam. The ending is worth it. I passed!

For businesses, the clue here is numbers – what you see is what you get. What I meant there is that, the returns are obvious. You can actually track EVERYTHING – impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, CPA, and eventually ROI.

This is essential for me as dealing with clients for social media management at Third Team Media, we always get asked – Where’s the ROI? I think in this way that I am learning advertising, I am also learning where the value of social comes in the funnel even if the attribution to that essential last click rarely happens.

Congrats to me! Here’s my profile page:

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