Pickled Brain in a Jar and One Startup Lesson from Einstein

There in front of you is the brain of a genius – in chicken-colored gooey wholeness floating in yellow soup-like fluid. If you had a chance to hold Einstein’s brain, what will you do?

Would you imagine that moment with magical bursts of light and sounds of fireworks?

Would you even dare to touch that specimen placed within your reach?

The Pickled Brain

Albert Einstein is considered one of the most important geniuses in the 20th century. I do not need to convince you with that one since you already have heard of that name over and over again in school. As always, his name equates to genius. That is why, it was not a surprise that a pathologist by the name of Thomas Harvey, upon autopsy of Einstein’s body, insisted on taking that brain and soaking it in formaldehyde so that he can study it and gave pieces of such for other other scientists to study. This is all done without the permission of Einstein’s close relatives and of course, he ended up getting fired for doing so.

Einstein’s desk photographed the day after his death

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But Dr. Harvey held on that brain for a long, long time. He was the keeper of Einstein’s brain until he was very much ready to finally travel across America to bring Einstein’s brain and put it under the stewardship of another. His travel with Einstein’s brain and another writer in a Buick was highlighted on Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America with Einstein’s Brain.

Well, What About It?

It is just amazing to know that there are great differences between a normal human’s brain and that of Einstein’s. What I hoped  to talk about is what he would have thought about problem solving and how this could be harnessed by startups out there. Because really, we can learn a lot of things from the genius and how he works.

Quoted from Einstein is the famous line:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them.”

No wonder his brain was different. That is because he is one of those solution-finders eager to solve whatever he can of the infinite universe presented to him.

Hmm, How’s Problem Solving in the 21st Century?

Every single day, freelancers, tech educators and startup founders like you wake up and ensure that the world is a safer and better place by solving problems one at a time. Sometimes, you solve problems in bigger strides. You know that the only thing you need to keep up is to have and be with a community of fellow problem solvers who do the work with a burning passion like you do. We just want to grab problems by the throat and solve the heck out of it.

But we are not Einsteins. (If you are one, I apologize and do drop me a note. I would love to meet you.) We need to connect with fellow problem solvers who can guide us, give us with insights, mentor us along the way.

For example, for startups, a key question that we ask during the problem/solution fit stage is (based on Ash Maurya’s book on Running Lean) – Do I have a problem worth solving? It is the first significant milestone of a startup where experiments are made for speed, learning and focus.

I think it is a cool idea to have a network of problem solvers of today who could show up and help offer solutions to that one problem you are stuck with.

Meet Other Problem Solvers? Why Not.

From Secrets of Einstein’s Brain, it is very well said and I quote: “His genius was in his ideas. You can’t find ideas pickled in a jar somewhere.

What are you trying to solve today?  If you are also open to the idea of having a little network of technologists in your list then Bench5 is for you. Here are the possibilities of this network:

Week 1 of Bench5

  • Create your social profile.
  • Keep up with your fellow problem solvers.
  • Share solutions you discover.
  • Find a mentor in your respective field.
  • Be a mentor in your respective field.
  • Unpuzzle technology.

Coolio? 🙂

Do join our Bench5 Facebook page and let’s start the discussion while the benches are under construction. See you?

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