Productive Sunday! Meeting the organizers, volunteers, and partners of the Wicked Dreams: Action Civics Fair

Great to see the Cebu Innovation Network / Innovation Island Community and Cath Cortel from RISTT Maasin and my ladies from Third Team Media.

These below, I believe, are some notes to having a successful advocacy project:

  1. Leverage the networks that you know will contribute to the success of your advocacies.
  2. Tap into the wisdom of those who have done it before you. And that means working with other advocates.
  3. Choose the right hustlers for the right job.
  4. No forcing people so don’t stress it. If they don’t want to work with you, they won’t show up and be with you.
  5. At the end of the day, gratitude for those who were with you.
  6. Pay it forward.

Looking forward to the youth-led advocacy entries soon and the event on October 27th! Let’s hustle!

#wickeddreams #youthvoice

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