Scrum Overview Anime Version from Odd-E

Last night at the dinner meeting with CRMWorks Asia, Walter and Michael of Wontok briefly discussed about using Scrum as a development framework. Having been a non-practicing Scrum Master for a year already, I found the conversation very engaging and interesting.

I agree that giving Scrum a chance in an organization would just make development projects soar. Take for example ClickingLabs here in Cebu who have been using Scrum for also a year (Diana was a classmate at the Scrum course). It just made their projects more adaptable. I have seen their products pivot and improve over the months. But Walter justified that either some development projects are not a fit for scrum or the client does not have a budget for Scrum.

Imagine though having to use this framework for your projects? Having a potentially shippable product increment at the end of a sprint is really very ideal especially for startups are trying to learn and adjust their business model almost at the end of every sprint. What do you think?

Today, I got the note on my feed that Odd-E that they just revamped their website. I found their anime version of the Scrum overview very interesting! Check it out.


Scrum Overview Anime

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