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Whenever I have presentations related to digital marketing and social media, I also make sure that I start my talk by visiting the published social media stats for the Philippines. What better source for this than They have been my go-to resource for data on the Philippines.

(Speaking of which, I sincerely wish that we Filipinos can come up with our own surveys and research. But that might be years to come yet.)

For the 2015 data on Social Media Stats of the Philippines, I sourced the slides from the very long list from wearesocial on their slideshare and took out those relevant to the Filipinos.

Here are the said slides that show the social media stats of the Philippines for 2015:

Some notable information that we can gather from this report are the following:

1. Internet penetration up from 36% to 44% in 2015.

It seems like we will definitely reach 50% internet penetration by the end of the year as predicted on some articles.

2. Social media penetration up from 32% to 40%.

Social media continues to be an integral part in the lives of Filipinos who have increased access to the internet via mobile devices.  And of course, we can say that we remain as the social media capital of the world. Although now we are at par with Argentina on social media usage. Let’s take back this crown!

Both internet and social media penetration has also increased by 18% since last year.

3. Time spent on the internet and social media remains the same.

Filipinos spend the same amount of time – 6.3 hours in the internet and 4.3 hours on social media. Global averages at 4.4 and 2.4 respectively.

With the increase of 33% of mobile social accounts, we’ll be expecting increase of time spent on social media (which is now up to about 15-17mins more on average).

4. Average TV viewing time by internet users at 2 hrs 47m daily.

This is a new data added on the reports. The multi-screen lifestyle is surely invading the Filipinos attention. How do you account for usage of the internet, social media, and the television at the same time? Via multitasking.

5. Internet speed still terrible at 2.5 mbps average net connection speed.

I jokingly mentioned on the Global Voices Summit 2015 that perhaps the reason why we spend too much time on the internet is because we are waiting for our websites to load due to our crappy internet speed in the Philippines.

That may be true with the 2.5 mbps average speed which brings us within the bottom 3 of the crappiest speed along with Vietnam and India.

6. Top 3 social media platforms of choice by Filipinos remain the same.

Filipinos still use prefer these three social media platforms in order:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

7. Pinterest shows as newcomer among the platforms.

Since the current data is survey-based, I reckon the sample have mentioned Pinterest well often for it to deserve a spot on the list.

8. Social media includes growing use of social apps.

social platforms philippines 2015

This brings into view the heavy use of the following social chat apps/voip/messenger:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • Viber

Which of these platforms are you personally using? Which of these stats are surprising for you?

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