Solopreneur POV: The Philippines and its Infrastructure Challenges

The hindrance to our success as a nation – infrastructure and mindset.  I’ve talked about mindset so I’ll mull on infrastructure.

Context: I’m saying this because of the frustration from the dead zones here in Cebu. Imagine a metro area devoid of internet access and connectivity. Killer for the digital nomads and micro businesses.

Ayala area – dead zone
Robinson’s Galleria area – dead zone

Filipinos know how to hustle. We know how to earn our pesos. We know how to get our daily meal – pamahaw ug pamainit. Once we go a step higher beyond our socioeconomic class, we realize how much limiting our country’s infrastructure is.

1. Internet Connectivity

They tell us to work online, to leverage the internet to find jobs. But they can’t even provide us with options for decent internet. We know that because of Project BASS – Bandwidth and Signal Statistics.

2. Public Transportation

They tell us to work hard and earn our keep. Or else they’ll call us lazy Filipinos. But they can’t give us decent transportation. Just look at the issues Angkas is facing.

3. Ease of Doing Business

They tell us to build our own business, become our own boss. And yet they don’t make it easy to do so. The successful startups in the Philippines are those owned/co-owned by foreigners. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Who are we trying to impress and when does this end? We are behind other ASEAN countries in economy. Based on the ASEAN GDP list on Wikipedia, the Philippines is only at #5 – lagging behind Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Not that far yes, but still lagging when we can be more!

So we can the powers in high places do? I believe it starts by enabling us who are not rich or who don’t have safety nets but working damn hard to contribute to the economy.

Build! Build! Build!

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