Speaker for Digital Marketing: Transforming the future of business

Speaker for Digital Marketing for MSMES.

Thank you SkyBiz for inviting me as one of your speakers for the first ever SkyBiz #GrowthSeries with topic on Embracing Digital.

Happy to share tips and trends on Digital Marketing for MSMES and happy to meet new people in the industry.

For years, I am proud to say that I have helped with the education of Cebu MSMEs on using social media and digital not just through Third Team Media but also on several advocacies like founding the Google Business Group Cebu, mentoring Startup Weekend Cebu, and through various events, talks, and meetups.

Now, I am proud to say that Cebu has definitely grown in this space.

Kudos to everyone! Let’s empower more businesses to leverage digital and technology for growth!

#wicked #digitalmarketing #buhayconsultant

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