Technopreneurship from My Perspective – Lessons Learned

Last Friday, I was given the chance to share my perspective on technopreneurship at the Women Techmakers Event of GDG Cebu. Despite the fact that it was a Friday night and my brain is usually out partying (not really), I chose instead to partake in a discussion and a pizza party with the ladies and gents of GDG Cebu who put together an intimate event for women techies.

I was invited as one of the speaker for the event and my topic was –¬†Technopreneurship from a Woman Technopreneur’s Perspective. The lessons learned, opportunities, challenges during my journey was a topic that I love to share to enthusiastic women in the community.

Grabbed from Ruben Licera of GDG Cebu

Women Techmakers


It was quite different from what we did at Cebuanas on the Web because it was usually attended by women entrepreneurs or wanna-be entrepreneurs who want to use technology for their business. This was a different crowd because most of them are either employees or developers or students. Tough crowd but you have to get technical. This was actually a crowd I could connect to because I was an Information Technology graduate and had a handful of jobs as coder and developer. That was before I transitioned into digital marketing and sales.

I have added my slides below and just want to highlight some items that I would like to expound on. There were 3 lessons that I listed:

1. Learn. Fail. Learn Again.

I have learned that when you fail at something, it results to a number of lessons learned. It might involve lessons on who you should work with, what processes are ideal, what contracts or agreements should be set beforehand – things like those. And then moving forward, the lessons learned will give you the backdrop or context of what actually works and what doesn’t.

That is why I embrace failure and learning so much. There is a lot of story to tell from solid experiences versus just hearing about that. But it doesn’t mean that you will not plan ahead or research what you might be into. Those help. But taking calculated risks would also solidify the experience.

2. Volunteer and Advocate

What I learned from years of volunteering and advocating since 2010 was that, you can do so much via the internet. The web is borderless and there’s a lot of chance to advocate for something that you believe in.

A benefit of doing so, especially for students, is that you gain the experience before having an actual job. It gives you the idea of how to work with a team, how to handle pressure, and gives you an insight of what things you should watch out for when on the field.

Aside from those, you are actually expanding your network and grabbing hold of relationships before you actually need them. There are stories of volunteers being immediately hired in huge name companies and the common ground was that they were previously volunteers.

3. Do it for Love

And the end game is not just for you to contribute something to the world but also to uplift the people that you love. In my case, it’s my family.

Do it for love. Do it for the fact that it puts a smile on your face knowing that you’re building a life for your family (or for yourself). It will lift you up in challenging times and in moments when you feel like giving up. Trust me. Been there.

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