The “Don’t Mess with a Blogger” post

I blog and read other people’s blogs. But it is rare that I re-post their stories or comment about their entries. It’s either it’s too personal or I just don’t care about the topic. Right now it’s different – I am going to re-blog, re-tweet, re-post and make all of you know your power as a blogger. That is because this post made me do so.

Bambee dela Paz, a blogger, posted about her “horrible experience” about two weeks ago in a golf course brawl involving her father and brother and the group of public servants – Nasser Jr. (Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur) and Secretary Pangandaman’s (of the Department of Agrarian Reforms) bodyguards.

This blogger’s personal experience posted on the internet resulted into a movement and effected into several other posts from bloggers all over the world. They are the people willing to support the blogger with her cause.

But, blogging has its downsides – you could be charged with libel, defamation, etc. You could disclose information that you did not intend to thinking that it is “just a personal web log”, an online diary, only to find out later that you have a libel case. Aside from that, you would be a bit biased and immediately side with the blogger just for the fact that they wrote from their heart even if you didn’t hear the other side of the story.

The “sue each other” part for various charges they could possibly throw at each other probably wouldn’t hurt that much. They might even just end up bored with the long process of the (Philippine) justice system. Yet still the ending is – someone has a tarnished reputation that ends up with pleadings to “not condemn” them and the other ends up being expelled from a golf club.

The bottomline is – Don’t mess with a blogger if your reputation is more important than a club membership.

Carlos H. Conde said it well when he wrote “.. raise hell, too, about the injustice done to other people, particularly the oppressed ones – those who are too poor and marginalized to even own a computer, let alone know that there is such a thing as a blog.” This one’s for another post.

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