THE TRIAL PERIOD: It takes working with someone to know someone.

I’ve been there several times. That part of running a business where you open “people packages”.

This is when possible team mates or employees present themselves on that first email reply to a job opening, where they show up at the job interview, where they hype themselves up as fit for the job.

You have a gut feeling but you prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt. You hire them.

And the moment they show up on the first day and the days after, that’s when you open the true package. And what you see may surprise you.

It’s sometimes just like nesting dolls. You open one only to find out the inner dolls are not what you expect because, well, they’re smaller.

And you end up disappointed, wishing you can return the package. At this point, it’s too late. They’re non-refundable. Trial period done. Damage done.

It’s not just at work. It’s also in the communities that we engage with. Or in our families. Or in the government.

If they are in the position of power and influence, are they rude or respectful?

If they deal with stress and pressure, do they break or are they graceful?

If they are presented with challenges, do they face it head on and say – we can solve that. Or do they just stare you in your face and say – too bad, can’t be done.

Yet moments later, you see them grabbing credit and celebrating like it’s #parasabayan when it’s really #parasafame.


Question – Would prefer those who get shit done but leave you scarred? Or those who also get shit done but treat you well?

Most importantly, at the end of the day when all is said and done, would you work with them again or vouch for their work to others?

Well, the answer is obvious. You say no. And then you say, next!

It’s really the same with romantic relationships. If they leave you, it means you didn’t pass the trial period. Next! ?

P.S. Yes, that is the breakup bridge in Central Park NYC. You know what to do with toxic people. Bring them here.

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