Three Lessons Learned from Aaron Que of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites

We had a business review at Kabilin with sir Aaron Que and Sir Ian Baol for Golden Prince Hotel & Suites with the Third Team Media ladies. Stats and data review to check the brand health. And of course, to grab some of the delicious Pinoy food at Kabilin.

We are happy to see that the years working with them have resulted in good things for the brand in terms of their social media presence.

Some things learned working with Golden Prince Hotel and Sir Aaron:

When you have clients, take care of them and they will take care of you back.

Sir Aaron Que has been a constant supporter of my advocacies and other initiatives outside of our digital marketing work. His encouragements have been sincere and appreciated. It is good to know that your efforts #parasabayan are also appreciated by clients.

Stand by your brand.

I’ve loved how Sir Aaron Que and his team work so hard to push the brand of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites forward to higher heights.

Even now that they are a 4-star hotel, their humble beginnings have always inspired me with the resilience of Filipino entrepreneurs.

Your network is your net worth.

Sounds cliche but it’s true. I have seen how Sir Aaron and his team have networked and shown great strength in the communities that they are a part of. These stories of collaboration are proof that business with Cebuanos is really about your relationships.

Me and my team are grateful for being able to work with this wonderful brand and we hope so again soon.

Cheers to progress. Onwards always.

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