Today’s To-Do: Send a “THANK YOU FOR 2017” MESSAGE.

I gave my students from RISTT the following message and would like to share it here to add to your list of your to-dos before the year closes.

An instruction for today/this week —

Who? Send this to your contacts, partners, new leads, new friends made this 2017. Do this now because you’ll be busy late this week for Christmas and New Year. It will be too late if you delay.

Where? Make a personalized message and send via FB messenger or email or sms. Whatever works for you.

Content? Tell them how fruitful and blessed your 2017 is because of them. Express your gratitude and talk about how you’re looking forward to collaborating with them next year.

Why? Because you would want to work with them again this 2018 and encourage more opportunities for your new relationships. The result would be more projects thus more income!

For example – Today I will be sending letters and emails to our clients, to teammates, to RISTT leads and others who have made my 2017 better. I will tell them the value they brought to my year and mention what I was able to help them with this year. Then talk about possible opportunities for 2018.

Good luck! Open grammarly and hemingwayapp and start writing! ?

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