What is the Future Of Work?

The Future of Work

What is the future of work? It’s the virtual office. There, I answered the question. And a good place to setup your virtual office is through oDesk.

But before virtual offices become mainstream, business owners should be encouraged. They should know how to take that first baby step to go virtual.

This video is from oDesk and they are encouraging business owners and netrepreneurs to get started with an idea, get a team and create your business. Tell them your “big idea” and get $250 credits so you can hire your virtual freelancers and get started.

Pretty good marketing strategy and reflects one thing that is quite common for most people, which is this –

It is very easy to think about starting something but so hard to execute.

  • What’s stopping you?
  • Why haven’t you started yet?
  • How long will you let your idea be just another.. idea?

My Own “Big Idea”

Being a social media assistant for almost two years had given me ample knowledge on freelancing life. The ups and downs, ins and outs. There is a story to tell and each freelancer or web worker I know has their own wacky stories.

Somehow, I wanted to be able to help out the newbie freelancers through this idea, this venture, this business. There are lots of business ideas that I narrowed down to those that I was interested in. You should be working in a niche that you love after all.

My own idea is creating a helpful site for freelancing Filipinos.

I have received lots, countless of inquiries on the how, why, what, where’s of a freelancing career. Usually, I just keep mum because there are LOTS to explain about freelancing. I want to change that. I want to answer their questions through this site. This will be for freelancers who took off with their careers and are now willing to help out newbies in their quest to join the ranks of online earners.

What about you? What is your “big idea”?

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