Wicked Dreams: Action Civics Fair – An event inspired by my #YSEALI #PFP fellowship at Mikva Challenge

Hi Cebu! This is what I am busy with right now. Hear me out because I am super excited!!

Me and my team at the Wicked Dreams: Action Civics Fair and Third Team Media will be running a one-day event in Cebu, PH on October 2018.

Here’s the story —

When I was in the US, I was inspired by my #YSEALI #PFP fellowship at Mikva Challenge. I saw how the youth in Chicago, Illinois showed their passion for issues in their community and how they grouped to bring solutions instead of just WHINING. They are actually doing something for their communities!

Through the Action Civics Showcase, I saw how CEO Michelle Morales and her team at Mikva use the showcase as a way to feature #youthvoice on #advocacies. I was amazed.

I want to bring that event here on a pilot project. Baby steps. Told Michelle about it and she was eager to support the event!! I am over the moon with this #moonshot project!

This event will be the FIRST Action Civics Fair that we will run. Focus is on digital media campaigns to bring awareness to issues.

Together with our confirmed partners so far – Mikva Challenge, PRworks Visayas-Mindanao (Philippines) via Ms. Doris Isubal- Mongaya and Cebu Innovation Network / Innovation Island Community via Ms. Mikee Morado, we are excited to see what the VisMin youth have for us.

We are currently looking for organizer volunteers, sponsors, and partners to make this pilot event a success! Hope you can reach out to me and my team if you are interested. 🙂

Thank you for the support!


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