10 Yellow Highlights from Poke the Box

Authors are celebrities for me. They can be as famous as J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer or Elizabeth Gilbert. That is why I would not be surprised if Bagsy Boy (a classmate in college) who is really good in writing will become a celebrity soon.

But I have not bought any books from them since either I borrow or just watch the movies. Different for Seth G. I have been a follower of Seth Godin ever since I read about him. I am a fan on his Facebook page, read his blog and even bought his Linchpin book including the workbook “Ship It”.

When Seth Godin announced The Domino Project along with his new book – Poke the Box – they experimented on lowering the price in exchange for the audience trading some attention. It ended up being set to a preorder price of just a measly $1!

A dollar.

Of course, I immediately bought it and downloaded it on my Kindle.

Just like any fan, I emailed him about the book —

Hi Seth,

I am still reading your book on my Kindle and highlighting stuff that have struck me.
So far, there’s a handful of highlights and I am halfway through the book.
Thanks for inspiring me!


And I got a reply!

Oh how I gushed! Enough of my babbling. Below are some of the highlights from the book. And as Seth replied, enjoy!


  • The boundary is in her head, not in the system.
  • If you had a chance to do a TED talk, what would it be about?
  • He took the wrong start and revised and improved and innovated..

  • Initiative¬†and¬†starting… They are about “let’s see” and “try”.
  • Try is the opposite of hiding.
  • To merely start without finishing is just boasting, or stalling, or a waste of time.
  • You can’t snooze your way to greatness.
  • She approached the challenge as a professional would. She studied, budgeted, and failed.
  • Keep starting until you finish.
  • Once you’ve engaged with an organization or a relationship or a community, you owe it to your team to start.

Those were some of the highlights from the book. If you have an iPhone or Kindle on Mac (Hi Doc Lilly!), you can purchase it off Amazon:


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