A New Tool for Freelancers on the Go – uMobile from UnionBank

Most Filipino web workers know that when it comes to verifying your Paypal account, the most convenient way to do so (if you don’t have a credit card) is by getting a Unionbank EON account. And with this Unionbank has proven to be very useful when you transact online a lot – like buying from Amazon.com for example.

Last week, I received this email from Unionbank and somehow it got stuck on my inbox. I meant to save it so I can share the news with fellow web workers who might find this one a very convenient offering from Unionbank – uMobile Unionbank’s New Mobile Banking Service.

We want YOU to be our partner.

It is our goal in UnionBank to provide you the BEST and most INNOVATIVE banking products and services to suit your ever changing lifestyle. Because you are important to us, we want YOU to be the FIRST to use our new mobile banking service uMobile. We are holding a private launch for you to explore this state of the art mobile banking facility.

uMobile: Banking to fit your mobile lifestyle.

Through this exciting and private launch of UMobile, you will be able to experience fast, secure and efficient transactions through the convenience of your mobile phone. And best of all, it’s FREE*.

What is uMobile?

It is a new facility of Unionbank that allows you to do bank transactions on your mobile phone.

It works for all providers (Globe, Sun, Smart, etc) and for java-enabled phones. You can download an app but it will be processed via SMS.

Things you can do with this tool includes:

  • Inquire balance
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • Buy load (I love this.)
  • Call and text Unionbank

Registering on uMobile

You can access the uBmobile site at wwww.unionbankph.com/umobile. After such you can enter your details as per screenshot below to get a private invite.

Private launch is limited to 100 participants and will be free for them. After the period, charges are applied which is also listed on their site.


But I have a smartphone?

According to their site, they are on their way with creating mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users. It will be most convenient but I am not sure if it is still via SMS or it will be an app like Paypal. I pray it’s the same as Paypal’s app though. I don’t want to pay for each SMS transaction too.

Will you use this app?

What are your thoughts on this tool that could greatly benefit us mobile workers, web workers, freelancers? Do you think this is a good move by Unionbank?

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