Can we talk about the Yahoo! Mail redesign?

Yahoo! Mail has recently made a huge redesign to their interface. It is said to be inspired by Flickr and Tumblr. This is a fresh change to the old clunky design that was.

I shrugged it off as something that they need to finally do. Maybe it would encourage more people to use it as main email. Personally, it has been my “opt in” email for websites that look nasty and might have potential to spam me (which turned out to be a true assumption).

Here are some things I noticed when I decided to spend time and re-configure my first email ever since I was born – Yahoo! Mail:

1. Can’t remove email redirect

What freaked me out though was that ever since it was redesigned, I have been getting redirected emails from my Yahoo! Mail to me Domain Email on Google Apps.

This has been going on for days. At first, it was OK for me. Maybe it will be useful in the end so I don’t have to check two emails. Google has its tabs on email which filters the primary emails that I actually need to read from customers and Third Team Media team mates.

But now, it became very annoying and I just want it to stop. Aside from clogging my mail with spam, it’s also eating up my storage.

So here are my problems encountered when I finally decided to log in. Problem is where do I find it??

2. Wow, 1TB storage! For Spam!

And then suddenly, I noticed a great info. 1 TB of storage! 1 TERABYTE! OMG! More room for spam! This is great! This is the only good news so far that I have seen from the redesign.


3. Can’t upload cover photo and can’t confirm my mobile number

I checked the profile and decided to update it to make it pretty. Well, that plan didn’t work. It’s down and couldn’t be counted on.

Tried also to verify my mobile, nada. No SMS came in.

Yahoo! Mail errors

At this point, I am giving up because my next resort is to actually contact customer service to remove the redirect emails. I am definitely NOT happy with this redesign so far. No 1 TB could be exchanged for the spam going in my business email.

Are you having problems with Yahoo! Mail too?

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