An Ecommerce Story: and The Joy of a Sale

On the other side of the table!

I have been such an ardent online shopper and wanted to experience how it is to be on the “other side” of the ecommerce table. I’ve experimented selling my un-opened stuff bought from my conquests. And guess what — just sold my first item!

Being a seller, I thought about opening an FB page but realized it’s easier to use an existing platform that has users already especially if you want to sell asap. And so I optimized my profile at OLX Philippines (cc RJ David). Funny that at zero promotion, someone actually inquired and bought!

So, with that, I am sharing here my ecommerce story and how the transaction went through for you to check if this is something you want to do.

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In this case, I sold my Tarot Pack. It’s brand new and unopened. Reason for selling was that I bought another tarot pack which was also complete. I thought the book and cards were separate so I ended up with an extra one.

This is what I decided to be one of the two items to sell on

Ad Setup

I went through the process of listing my ad on the site. Everything went smoothly. Except for the fact that I have to take my own photo of the item since they don’t want you to put up stock photos or marketing materials of the item. I was meaning to use the Amazon details and and photos but this didn’t push through.

When posting, make sure that you shorten the description to just the essentials and also to use your own photo. You really have to whip out your phone and get photos of the item.

When the ad was up, it was my impression that the transaction will be done purely online – notifications, payments, etc. Turns out that it really is more of a listing site for items that you don’t need.

Payments as Seller

A few days later, I was able to receive an SMS from the buyer. He was interested in buying the item after seeing the ad on I gave him the final price to include item shipping. Here I was wrong to charge too low for shipping because it cost me Php160 isntead of just Php100.

It seems that the buyer was a pro on using OLX since he guided me through the transaction. He already knows my name (as per details on the ad) so we SMSed about payment methods. I gave him Unionbank, BPI, and Paypal. Since his area does not have any of these, he mentioned that payment will be via LBC or Palawan Pawnshop.

I was thinking this part might be tricky for me because it would require me spending some time traveling to the pawnshop and picking up the cash. But then thinking about it, it is all convenient. I will just bring the item for delivery at LBC as soon as I pickup the item. This here is convenience and I applaud LBC and Palawan Pawnshop for setting this up. Imagine the transactions that take place on one stop right? The buyer setup the payment and sent the pickup details for me to use.

Sending the Item

I was able to send the item the next day at Ayala Cebu’s LBC. Here, the LBC staff told me that I have to have an LBC ID first to use when picking up payment. A form was filled up and I was given an “ID”. More like having a personal record number since the card they gave me did not have any information except that. I have to put a photo and fillup name and other details by myself. For future LBC transactions, I will now be able to use this ID and they will have this on record.

Also, I took a photo of the transaction details.

Seeing this, the LBC staff told me that they are familiar with ecommerce sellers. Some would even take the staff photo as proof of delivery.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20141105_143209.jpg” ]

After setting up the shipment, I sent an SMS to my buyer and gave him the pickup information at his nearest LBC (which he preferred than door to door).

Overall – OLX

Overall, the experience was interesting! I will definitely use again and post my unopened items for reselling. Planning to add more especially packages as distributor from Limitless Possibilities (cc Jolly Gomez).

No more flyers, radio ads, onsite payments, etc for this humble little venture! That’s ecommerce for you!

Ecommerce Summit in Cebu

As summary, we will soon have an ecommerce summit in Cebu after the February version at the start of this year. I am looking forward to listen to the stories of the industry experts as they share their learnings on ecommerce as we gear up for 2015.

To learn more about ecommerce for your business, join us on 11/29 for the 2nd Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit in Cebu!


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