November 30, 2008 will be the last day for downloading the application. Then it will be in closed beta.

The FileRide application looks very good and sleek. For only 11MB of installer, it didn’t take much of my time to download the file and to finally install it on my PC.

After setting up my profile (actually I just setup my picture) I navigated my way through the fancy buttons that were presented to me. I was actually looking for the settings menu which probably let me customize the look and feel of the app but was dismayed to find none except the setting to play sounds and alerts.

The upper right corner had a blank box intuitively should be a search box and upon entering text, it matches up some items that were tagged as such. I was expecting much that it be the same as Google’s search – too many expectations though. I was given some Google results though that was of a different language.

On copying an image or a link or a file, it’s smart enough to detect that you have copied such and suggests you add it on FileRide.

As with most applications, I think it will take more navigation and more than a day to familiarize the app and the possibilities that it can offer.

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