First Philippine SMS-based Job Site Makes Networking Easier

Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology (CEDF-IT) in partnership with New Media Group has launched the first SMS-based job site for Information Technology applicants.

According to the Inquirer news article, it was a project that has been “in the planning stage for five years”  and now they have found a partner for that need through John Kim of New Media Group.

The job site compliments well and serves as the next step or service in the advocacy of CEDF-IT itself – providing training and acting as the link between universities and industries.

What makes the platform different is the Web 2.0-ish capabilities that it offers to applicants.

  • You can easily log in the site using Facebook as with most sites. Currently does not import your details to the necessary fields upon creating an account. You have to manually add it.
  • It has the ability to “follow” companies you are interested in.
  • It also is targeted much to those who have smartphones with its ability to easily send and receive SMS alerts. (But do they have an app for it?)
  • You have your own customized URL. Mine’s at
As of the moment, it can definitely improve on the features and most of the job openings listed are just test items.

Would you want to use this for your next job hunting?

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