FREE SIMS! Red Mobile and LoadMomma Review

This was first posted by Ms. Janette Toral on Twitter and I (@likke) checked out what the fuss was all about for this LoadMomma site. I went to the site and learned that Red Mobile was offering FREE Sim Packs to those who register. Aside from that, you get to have free load if you refer people to their site. So before I try to refer you to the site, here are some quick notes on Red Mobile and LoadMomma.

I am sure you have heard of Red Mobile with all it’s catchy commercials and claims to have the nation’s widest coverage. If you don’t then here’s one of their commercials –

In line with this new network, they also launched a Web 2.0 site called LoadMomma. It’s a site where after you signup, you get to meet other LoadMomma members and befriend them, change your profile info, edit layouts. Boring? Maybe. But the good thing is that you get a referral link for so you can go and claim your free load for each person that you refer. How does it work then?


1. Register and wait for the email verification for your account. After clicking on

your email verification link you may then log-in at the loadmomma site.

2. The administrator will verify the validity of your address within 24 business

hours after registration.

3. If you requested to have a Red Mobile sim delivered, and you have entered a

complete and valid address, your Red Mobile sim will be scheduled for delivery

after administrator approval. Please allow up to 3 business days delivery time

within Metro Manila and 5 business days outside Metro Manila.

4. If you currently have a Red Mobile sim please indicate the number in the

“current moblie number“ field during registration.

5. Once you receive your sim, input your Red Mobile number at your profile details

page to be able to start earning points.

6. Invite friends to register by sending them an email by using the invite friends tab.

7. Earn talktime for each friend who registers in LoadMomma, activates their sim

and inputs their Red number at their profile page.

8. You’ll receive 20 minutes talktime for every valid referral you make which will be

sent after verification and processing.

9. Go to the Load Manager tab, to see an estimate of your free talktime.

10. Please allow up to 72 hours for processing of your free talktime after verification.

I got my free SIMS in 5 business days. I thought that Red Mobile is just giving out one Red Mobile SIM but I was surprised to receive three SIM Packs. Generous indeed.

Now here’s the thing: I didn’t immediately pop in my SIM because of 3G phone issues or rather the lack of it. If ever I get to refer people then I would say this is of no use to me. Hehehe. But then I got FREE SIMs from Red Mobile! I should tell you about it. Right?

So, if you already have a SIM, you can go check out Red Mobile and see how it is with the network.

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