How Many Light Bulbs Can 1,500 Filipino Programmers Light?

Okay. I will outrightly say that I am not a rockstar at math so feel free to correct me. I summoned the help of Google and Wolfram Alpha for this quest. Take a look at the results.

How Many Light Bulbs Can 1,500
Filipino Programmers Light?

  • Wolfram Alpha says that 1,500 people can generate heat of 105 Kw.
  • Heat can produce electricity. (By steam. Not really saying that programmers generate hot gas.)
  • Assuming all of that heat generated is converted to electricity
  • Assuming each light bulb has wattage of  100 watts

Answer: 1,050 lightbulbs

That amount might not be enough to light the Eiffel Tower but surely enough to light a new career path for fellow Filipino IT professionals. How?

Wanted: 1,500 C++ and Java Developers

Sysgen wants to share a secret with you. They are looking to hire 1,500 C++ and Java Developers for a new client — a leader in the mobile phone industry. That client is going to set up a Research and Development team here in our country. This is a great opportunity that generates IT jobs and helps the economy.

Sysgen Referral Program

But before you look away just because you are not a programmer who can light some light bulbs, here’s how you can help that can earn you moolah and an iPod shuffle.

Referral Program Mechanics:

  1. Refer IT professionals with at least 2 years of experience in Java, C++, or .Net
  2. Each referral entitles you to one raffle ticket. The more referrals you have the more chances of winning.
  3. To earn a raffle ticket, simply e-mail your referral’s resume to and place “Sysgen Referral Program” on the subject line. Be sure to put your name and contact details on the e-mail.
  4. Sending your own resume also earns you a raffle ticket.
  5. Raffle date will be on December 3, 2010.
  6. A referral fee of P 5,000 will be given for every referral hired.

About Sysgen

Who they are

Sysgen had been in operation since it was founded on 1991 and it has become one of the Philippine’s recognized IT Staffing and IT Recruitment Process Outsource provider. The company is a member of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) and the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP). They are focused on achieving world-class status as a dependable and reliable source of quality IT talents in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

What they do

The reason for Sysgen’s growth and success is credited to its ability to provide its clients with quality results and establishing a partnership with clients. With its proven methodologies, well-trained and highly qualified staff and dedication, Sysgen prides itself in giving its partner clients quality service with a personal touch.

Their updated database of more than 20,000 I.T. professionals including project managers, functional implementers, systems analysts, programmers, testers, database administrators, network administrators and help desk technicians, have helped numerous firms especially during time of rapid growth.

Sysgen is headed by Jimmy Roa, a Filipino Entrepreneur.

Systems Generators Philippines, Inc. (Sysgen)
Quality IT Professionals. Cost-effective.  A True Alliance

82 Legaspi Suites
178 Salcedo Street
Legaspi Village
Makati City 1229

Tel: + 63 2 894-4065 / +63 2 812-0617 / + 63 2 894-5732 /+ 63 2 892-0272
Fax: + 63 2 894-4066


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