IdeaMason is a knowledge management software. From its definition alone, you can derive that is a storage application for your ideas, sources, cited materials and research materials.

For an online article writer like me, my portfolio of work is organized as directories or folder on my local PC. This makes it hard to sift from one folder to another to look for an article that I wrote. It is also very difficult to manage status and progress of these articles since there is other option by to probably place it in a “Completed” or “Needs Research” folder.

IdeaMason offers to change this setup by managing all your portfolio items. Folders or categories are already placed and ready for you for the purpose of organization of your created documents. You can create new materials like either a new idea, quotation, thesis/abstract, summary or figure.

The work area that is presented to the user is a more familiar application like Word for easy text editing and formatting – a feature that is very useful for Windows platform users.

The one thing I found good was that you can create a composition. IdeaMason helps you do this by providing organization of though using the outline view. This is done by inserting an organizational element, either a part or chapter or topic or any other subtopic and them immediately adding an item under each outline.

Aside from that, documents created can be exported in formats that are commonly used like Word, HTML, RTF or XML. This makes it very convenient for writers or to blog article writers to easily use formats outside the application.

There are lots of additional features that a serious writer (or a student or someone from the academe) can use the application for and they are documented on their site for easier reference but the point being that you can organize your thoughts in this manner is already a big thumbs up from a not-so-advanced user like me.

Lots of reviews show user satisfaction for the product since it has been released for use. Reviews on the internet are from way back to 2006 and some items mentioned by those reviews have long been implemented on this application.

The important thing is to start using the application and get familiar with all the wonderful features that it has to offer.

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