Ordering Amazon Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3) from the Philippines

For two weeks, I have waited for my BookDepository order to arrive. It should have brought me hours of reading pleasure. Unfortunately, I was told to wait a month before expecting the order to arrive. I am still waiting.

Due to restlessness, I resolved to ordering an Amazon Kindle. What could go wrong? I am already an Amazon Prime Member, a huge Amazon shopper, and have my Kindle versions on my mobile devices. I needed to read ASAP.

I have mentioned it on my social networks and received a few questions about the gadget. So here’s a quick writeup on ordering Kindle 3 from the Philippines. Might be useful for others who want to order too.

Please note though that there have been news of a newer version coming out soon so I suggest holding on to your budget a little longer. If you can’t wait though, press on.

What’s the model?

Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wifi version

Why did you order a Kindle?

I needed an e-reader. Not another screen. Have had enough with bright LED screens and don’t want any more of that. That is also the reason why I didn’t get the Amazon Fire.

Where did you order it?

I ordered it directly from Amazon.com. You will need to choose your country (Philippines in my case) because they need to configure it properly to work in your location.

How much does it cost?

The Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wifi version costs $189. The EcoVue cover costs $19.99. Shipping and handling to the Philippines costs $26.97. I paid a total of $269.90.

Who delivered it and how long did it take?

Upon ordering online,  I got a notification that it is estimated to arrive within 4 business days. It did! It was delivered via DHL.

Is it better than the iPad?

I don’t think the two gadgets are comparable but if you mean for reading, the Kindle is definitely much better. The e-Ink will save your eyes from the glare of yet another screen and is very much perfect for reading. It’s lighter than the iPad too.

Photos on the Unboxing of the Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3)

Unboxing Amazon Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3)

Storified by Fleire Castro · Tue, Aug 14 2012 07:23:27

Box arrived via DHL after one week of ordering online on Amazon.com
Order includes the add-on Kindle cover
EcoVue Cover 
Separate packaging for both of course
Here’s how much I paid in total: $269.90
Now to undress the lovely: Pull to open
Here’s the beauty! My son names it “Keendy”.
Notice the film covering the Kindle
The quick start guide included
USB connector. It doesn’t include the adapter for faster charging. I should have bought that but via computer charging is still OK though slower.
D’s huge school manual and the Kindle
Getting the Kindle ready. Plugin and slide power button.
Reviewing the getting around guide.
Innards of the EcoVue cover
Playing dress up! Added the Ecovue cover.
There. All set!

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