Pip.io: Pretty UI and Better Privacy

Use Pip.io and totally define control on who sees your posts through a beautifully created UI.

Robert Scoble had recently interviewed Leo Shimizu, the CEO of a new social networking site called Pip.io.

I have decided to give the site a try and see if it’s the same ol’ same ol’, you know, social networking site.

Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email – yes they do that too.

Using Pip.io is going to change the way you communicate with your friends and family on the web! You can share conversations, photos and files, instant message, video chat, and much more – all in real time!

And you will be redirected to a really cutesy panoramic view which reminds me of logging in an online game.

A few minutes into the app and you can tell what to do first – setup your profile of course. It immediately sets my location.

So based on what I understood from the UI, I uploaded an avatar and proceeded to install applications. They have Facebook, News Reader , Twitter and Youtube. Not much.

I was able to add up Facebook and Twitter but was hesitating in adding up News Reader. I already have my Google Reader for that and can’t imagine adding up all my RSS feeds one by one. Maybe there’s an RSS feed for Google Reader? That is still have to know.

I stopped there since the next few things I saw were feeds from my Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, it was actually limited to commenting on stream updates and I cannot LIKE which is what I usually do.

For the rooms at the sidebar, I have not put it to use since I am not sure if I will be enjoying that. I clicked on what I can within the application and I can say that I felt so lonely. Maybe because I didn’t import my contacts to search for those who have profiles but I doubt anyone has one.

Scoble was able to mention about privacy but I have not been able to put it to test since I do not know where to test as all of these were based on quick observations from someone interested but doesn’t know where to go next.

Again, I felt lonely using the app as I cannot explore and see other people’s profiles and I did not know where to go next as there were no quick tips or walkthroughs.

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