Smart Television That “Suggests” Content For You

I am a much pampered Amazon shopper. I get suggestions based on my previous purchases and of course, those items that I have stalked and drooled on. And because I got used to this one so much, I would expect everything to be auto-suggesting for me. But imagine this feature integrated into a television. Interesting!

Now, here’s a fact about us here at home: We rarely watch local television shows. In fact, we sold our old TV to my mom and brought it to our Siquijor vacation for use in out Eastside Cottages. But  with this new technology out in the market, who knows I might change my mind about getting this.

Samsung has released its new model of television called the Samsung Smart TV.  I find it exciting to know that it has a feature that gives suggestions based on your viewing behavior. So let’s have a little peek into what Samsung Smart TV is.

With this, Samsung continues its commitment to slimmer and edgy design, the new Smart TV continues to stay true to its One Design that has been proven to be an aesthetic, truly Samsung.

What is Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV is an imaginative technology that brings people together. The first of its class, it creates new and exciting immersive viewing experience offering more than just internet TV – rather, boasting of a unique intelligence where content is suggested based on your viewing behavior which what separates it from competition – making it truly a Smart TV.

Imagine getting suggestions on what to watch and the content that you will get off of this history. Now that’s smart technology!

The First TV App Market

The new Samsung Smart TV creates an avenue to enjoy web applications – via Smart Hub – the first TV App market globally. We can now enjoy our favorite social network sites as it ignites with SocialTV – a function where one can watch television, while posting live twitter feeds or updating a status message on Facebook.

I envision that this is quite useful in social media command center especially for reporting now that we have lots of calamities due to the rainy season here in the Philippines.

SearchAll, Up-scaling and a Web Browser

It conveniently comes with a 2D-to-3D up-scaling in vision and 3D sound for a total 3D experience. Moreover, it comes with a SearchAll functionality which allows you to search content from the internet and within the devices paired to your TV. More importantly, the new Samsung Smart TV provides you with a full web browsing capability via its own Web Browser – enabling you to go beyond geographical boundaries of the web, at the comfort of your home.

Join the “Dear Dad” Contest

If you are still reading this, you might be drooling with all the functions of this television. I would not be surprised if you would join this content they have on Facebook. I know because I joined! Join now and you might just win a Samsung D6600 Smart TV 46-inch or Samsung D5500 Smart TV 40-inch.

What I found nice too about the contest is that they actually included (as choices) all the things that you can actually do on the TV itself. That is why the Dad contest is quite engaging for fathers and husbands and boyfriends who are techie.

Here’s my letter:


How to win the Samsung Smart TV for your Dad? Check out these 5 easy steps on how to join the promo, for a chance to win one (1) out of the three (3) Smart TVs that Samsung is giving away.

1. Like the Samsung Smart TV PH Fan Page and register for the Dear Dad Contest.
2. Select or create your own letter that you want to send your Dad.
3. Type in your Dad’s name and write a personal message about how you can bond with him through a Smart TV.
4. Type in your Dad’s email address and click send.
5. Post it on your wall, share to your friends and get a chance to win a Smart TV for you and your Dad!

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