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Remember that fancy box labeled “Suggestion Box” that you caught a glimpse at your favorite restaurant the day they gave you bad, substandard service? Haven’t you wished you had a pen and scribbled your comments, questions or requests away? Or did you do such but was left wondering if your rants were even heard.

Forget about that old way of venting out and type in “suggestion box” in Google or, heck, just type on your favorite browser. Most probably it will direct you to an interactive suggestion system that lets you drop a suggestion about that restaurant you had dinner in. Of course, you have to have an account first before doing such because this would give you other benefits like keeping track of the progress of your suggestion whether it’s under review, for future changes, being implemented, or filed away.

If you are a business, don’t worry. You can create your own suggestion box on this site. This tool will come in handy for you to connect with your costumers aside from the fact that you can also find out what your competitors lack by stalking their suggestion boxes.

Oh, now you want to drop a comment or two for this site (referring to, huh? Sure go ahead then. We’ll await your suggestions. ?

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