Taxi Thoughts – A Save By GrabTaxi

Tonight, we breezed through a huge number of worried commuters flailing their arms, looking to hail a taxi at this hour. But me and my boys were safe and comfortable inside our GrabTaxi car, happily chatting with our awesome driver.

The traffic in Cebu is TT – truly terrible. You’d spend hours queueing in line at Ayala for your taxi ride at this hour.

But guess what, you will always have an option. One of which is to useĀ GrabTaxi. We got weird looks from those on queue in Ayala because we rode a taxi in just 10mins.

Fyi, I am no ambassador of the business but it has saved my sanity a lot of times that I personally advocate its use (for those without cars like me).

This holiday season, the traffic will be worse as expected. Make sure you save some holiday cheer by solving your own problems through technology.

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