Using Marketplace to Sell Services and Buy Products

Whenever I hear about Multiply there is only one thing that comes to my mind – online shops. I have been accustomed on being given a Multiply link when I ask for online sellers to show me their website. I even remember one attendee at our Bloggable seminar with Ms. Janette Toral before telling me that the website she has was a Multiply. And it was clear that it was her basecamp since every product she has was listed there.

Browsing the Marketplace

So when I heard that Multiply already has a marketplace, it didn’t come as a surprise. It was actually a welcome change to Multiply itself and it just made it easier, safer and faster for people to do their ecommerce transactions with thousands of merchants who have shops on this site.

Browsing the marketplace would bring you to the thousands of storefronts offered to you. Of course, you have the capability to filter it further to the category of the product that you are looking for. My favorite part though is that they have featured products and best sellers dished out for you when you visit the marketplace. It has that Amazon feel for me.

Promotion Options

I have created Third Team Media’s Multiply Store before as part of the online profiles that I should have for the brand but did not realize that I did not have products/services populated. Today, I updated my online shop on Multiply and added two basic packages I offer for Third Team Media.

Third Team Media Multiply Site

Before I was able to add the two packages, I had to add my BPI account and a mobile number. They have already listed that the fees for transactions are waived until January 31, 2011 so this is a great time to enjoy selling on Multiply.

When I get to finish adding the details to one product, I was immediately given the option to run an advertisement for my product. This is actually good for those who are too lazy to think about setting up ads for future use. It would save them time and would immediately get the word out about your product throughout the marketplace.

At this time, I skipped this option. For future promotions, have noted that you can do so using the advertise page.

Buying an Item from the Marketplace

I also noticed on online shops that there are such terms as Buyer Protection and Trusted Seller. Have noticed it in shops like Eletshop and Digital Train Case.

The conditions covered for Buyer Protection are as follows:

You bought from a Trusted Seller.
Your payment was processed on Multiply (rather than exchanged offline).
Your purchase was not under the "Professional Services" category.
Note that Buyer Protection covers up to Php 22,000 or Rp. 4.500.000 of the purchase price.

This is a good thing for picky buyers like me who want as much payment options as possible.  In the Marketplace, you can take advantage of convenient online Payment Systems including BDO, BPI, GCASH and PayPal.

To try out the online payment system of the Multiply Marketplace, I decided to check out their multiply store and order a Tshirt. What’s more apt to buy than a statement Tshirt right?

multiply - buying products
Buying a shirt from the Official Multiply Store

I have verified that this seller (of course it’s Multiply itself) has the Buyer Protection coverage by checking that it has the Trusted seal and other conditions. I am that cautious.

After choosing the size and quantity apt for me for this item, I proceeded to click the Buy Now button. It then led me to my cart which shows the price of the item and other items as summary to my purchase. I clicked Proceed to Checkout after reviewing.

multiply - buying products
Cart Review before Checkout

On clicking Proceed to Checkout, you can then add your address (if first time buyer) and choose your online payment option. Maybe in the future I can try out BPI since I have an account there but for this example I used Paypal.

multiply - buying products
Checkout screen to add delivery address and choose payment option

Those who always pay using Paypal will be familiar with this next screen. It will give you the option to either create a Paypal account or pay from your existing Paypal.

multiply - buying products
Paypal screen familiar to those who choose Paypal

You are given your receipt next to keep. It is good that you have this so you can keep a record of your purchase. You are also emailed a summary of your purchase.

multiply - buying products
Your receipt upon payment


At this point what you can do next is to continue browsing the marketplace and wait for the item to arrive. 🙂 Yes, you can see on above receipt that they added Php80 for shipping by the way.

The Multiply Marketplace has now proven to be a good contender for solo WordPress blogs and brochure websites in showcasing a merchants goods and services. This is certainly going to pull in more ecommerce activity due to the ease of online payments too. Of course for any questions, you can always visit the Multiply info and FAQ page. I would if I will have future concerns with my account or transactions.

Would you use the Multiply Marketplace? What will you sell?

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