Why Facebook Should Enable Chat and Voice for Pages

If you are into deals and coupons, you must have heard of Appsumo.

Appsumo has a very nice guarantee for their customers. They offer a 100% money back guarantee for any reason before you die. It is like a til-death-do-us-part grave pact sort of  guarantee and it works. I know some marketers offer the same deal but in fine print, they actually request you to return the products with original receipt or something.

I never imagine using it until I came across an offer that I really needed for the designers at Third Team Media. They offered a toolkit that could have been so helpful if not for the fact that  the product itself was not so awesome as I expected it to be. And yeah, you can Google most of the items they have. Sorry.

So immediately, as all digi-citizen would, I called them out on Twitter because when I sent the refund request I didn’t get any reply at all. Not even an automated one. As expected from former friends of Facebook, Curse and Mint.com, I eventually got the refund I wanted.

On Users Engaging Companies/Brands Online

So why do netizens like you and me create social media accounts? One reason is to connect with brands that barely reply to emails. Or rather to have my problems of their products solved in an instant. Please! Take away my pain!

According to this graph from eMarketer.com, 77% of the resp0ndents expect brands to give them incentives through freebies (Clue for brands: Run contests or give away coupons!)

But take a look at the 46% who use the channel for the purpose of solving their problems with purchases. Customer service (or escalation process) should definitely be integrated into a brand’s social media plan especially if you are in B2C.

Facebook Page Frustrations

This awesome infographic from Vivox says a lot about how new media users are communicating these days and which channels they mostly use. Could also provide an insight about the future of social engagement?

With Hangouts available on Google+ and Facebook making video calls available, isn’t it about time that Facebook makes these features available for pages too? Page owners have no way of communicating with their users directly. They can use a profile account that they can use to communicate with customers or reply to people on the wall itself. A public conversation that brands don’t want to happen right at their walls. Instead they would either ask you to email them your problem or as you to send a support ticket. And that’s it.

Why are they not activating such for pages so they can immediately send a message to users even when logged in as a page? Would it also hurt to activate calls or even chat for a Facebook page? This is one great feature that brands would appreciate from Facebook. Eases out the frustrations of rendering customer service via a Facebook page.

 Dell and Google Hangouts

Michael Dell expressing thoughts of using Hangouts for Business

A few days ago, Michael Dell already expressed his idea of using hangouts for business. That would be a really nice way to immediately talk to a customer service rep. Assuming they are not those outsourced from India or here in the Philippines, it is really a stellar idea and I would look forward to see if this was actually implemented.

Your Thoughts?

To conclude, Facebook has to somehow activate it for pages. I mean like, now.

Are you a Facebook page owner too? Would you like to see chat and voice available for pages? How about for a fee? Kindly leave your thoughts via  comments.

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